Social, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy
Bangalore Elevated Tollway Pvt. Ltd. (BETPL) firmly believes that Social, Environmental, Health & Safety (SEHS) protection are an essential & integral part of our business operations. We have a firm conviction that all risks related to social, environment, health & safety etc. are preventable through continuous improvement in the working environment & compliance to relevant statutory requirements. We recognise our partners, end users of road assets, local communities and interested parties etc. as our stake holders.

BETPL is committed to;
Ensure that our operations are accomplished with Utmost Regard to the Social, Environment, Health & Safety of our stakeholders.
Ensure Adherence / Compliance to Social & Environmental Standards under relevant statutes as applicable.
Provide support & facilities for imparting Relevant Training, Awareness Building and Motivation to encourage involvement of our Employees for implementation of our SEHS Policy in maintaining safe & eco-friendly business operations.
Ensure Continual Improvement of our SEHS management system through periodic review of our policy, objectives & targets for relevance, changing conditions & new information available in our business domain.
Ensure for Adequate Support & Commit the necessary Resources to achieve the above goals.
Ensure use of Security Services trained in Human Rights to guard installations.
Prevent Injury, accidents and ill-health with relevant training & awareness building.