Do's & Don'ts
Do's Dont's
  • Do follow traffic rules and driving etiquette in general at all the times.
  • Do drive in your lane; when weaving in or out of the lane do so after signaling the following vehicle.
  • Do observe the Message displayed on the Variable Message Signs for information/compliance.
  • Do use the Pedestrian Underpasses for crossing the road.
  • Do use the Bus Shelters for commuting in buses.
  • Do comply with the Traffic Marshal’s instructions at junctions.
  • Always chose the appropriate toll lane at the plaza for the mode of payment being used.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit.
  • Do not weave from inner to outer and vice-versa lanes.
  • Do not change lane suddenly without first signaling.
  • Do not change lane in the plaza area.
  • Do not try to pass through RFID lane without a valid RFID; if you do, your vehicle will be damaged.
  • Do not cross the Project Road by jumping over the Pedestrian Guard Rail and Median Railing.
  • Do not damage the Pedestrian Guard Rail/Median Rail to create unauthorized access.
  • Do not park on the main or service road carriageway.
Q : Is any toll payable for use of Ground level roads up to Attibele Toll Plaza?
A : Use of ground level roads in up to Attibele Plaza is free.
Q : What toll rate is chargeable for 3 wheelers in the Project?
A : 3 Wheelers are not permitted on the Elevated Road. 3 Wheelers are free at Attibele Plaza.
Q : Is there a provision for pass? What types passes are provided?
A : Daily pass can be availed with validity of calendar day for each Section and also combined for both sections. Similarly, monthly pass with validity of 30/60/90 calendar days can be availed. Balance based pass permits use for single trip and day pass.
Q : How many trips are permitted for each type?
A : Valid Daily/Monthly pass holder vehicle is permitted un specified number of trips across respective Section plazas.
Q : Is the pass of Electronic City valid for passage at any plaza in Electronic City?
A : Yes.
Q :Is the pass of Electronic City valid for passage across Attibele Plaza? and vice-versa?
A. No
Q :Is the pass issued to a particular vehicle usable by another similar or lower class vehicle?
A. No. Pass is usable only by the registered vehicle. Pass is NOT transferable.
Q :If the pass has not been used every day of the 30/60/90 days will the un used part be refunded or adjusted for the following/subsequent recharge?
A. No. There is no provision for any refund for under use nor any adjustment/rebate in the recharge for the following/subsequent month.
Q :Is there a provision for issue of Balance Based Pass? If yes, what are the validity conditions?
A. Yes. Balance Based Pass can be used to make single trips or as daily pass. The pass is valid so long as the user account has sufficient credit balance.
Q :can this balance based pass be used by another similar or lower class vehicle?
A. No.
Q :Will there be any rebate for use of pass over several days/months; say 15 days/6 months?
A. No.
Q :Is there any Corporate discount for large volume usage?
A. No.
Q :Can a monthly pass applicant opt to use Smart Card and not RFID?
A. Yes.
Q :Can a pass applicant opt to use Smart Card and not RFID?
A. Smart Card pass is issued only for two wheelers. RFID pass is issued to four wheelers.
Q :What will happen when a vehicle with invalid RFID enters ETC lane?
A. Firstly, at Electronic City Phase 1 there is a pre screening to detect invalid entry through RFID lane. Secondly, even if such entry is made, the System will show this as invalid entry and the Exit Barrier will remain closed. Operating Staff will check the cause for non validation of RFID.If the pass is not valid, full rate will be collected and receipt issued.
Q :How can the User verify if his pass is valid and functioning properly?
A. User has to get this check done at the toll plaza.
Q :: Can the charges be paid by crossed bank cheque?
A. Cash payment is preferred for initial purchase. However, for convenience of regular commuters, recharge payments through drop boxes can be made.
Q :Is the monthly pass issued for one vehicle transferrable to another vehicle of same/lower class owned by the same person?
A. No.
Q :When not required does the SC/RFID have to be deposited?
A. Yes.RFID ha to be deposited at the issuing POS.The non interest bearing security deposit will be refunded by account payee cheque delivered to the registered address by courier. The administrative fee paid for SC is non refundable.
Q :In the event of theft/loss of SC/RFID will a duplicate be issued?
A. No.The registered owner has to officially notify loss/theft of SC/RFID. On receipt of report lost/stolen SC or RFID will be blocked. A replacement SC/RFID will be issued on payment full cost of SC/RFID.
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